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Numbers Don’t Lie

3.5 billion people search Google every day, according to Forbes, and that’s not the only search engine used. A total of more than five billion searches are conducted on the Internet daily. Companies that aren’t using those numbers to their advantage are losing a substantial amount of potential business.

Online searches aren’t the only figures that should be troubling companies today. Social media is another key component that is underutilized by businesses of all sizes.

37% of online shoppers report using social media for inspiration when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Businesses that are not on social media are missing out on that traffic. Tools like Facebook and Instagram are an essential asset for booming businesses today.

Our Goal

Results Advisory consulting agency was created to teach organizations digital marketing strategies that work and that lead to revenue increase. Our goal is to provide education and training that gives marketing departments and tools they need to implement results based digital marketing.

Our founder, Aryeh Sheinbein, has 21 years of experience helping organizations improve their operations through digital marketing.

37% of online shoppers

report using social media for inspiration when they’re ready to make a purchase.

What We Do

We help companies understand how to grow despite the ever-changing world of digital media. We teach them how to connect with potential customers online and keep customers coming back through regular engagement and communication.

We pride ourselves on delivering practical, results-driven digital marketing strategy through consulting and implementation. Our mission is to give your company a fresh perspective and help you understand and utilize the latest digital marketing strategies to remain at the forefront of your industry for years to come. We can help you reach and retain more customers.

How We Help

The significance of effective digital marketing cannot be understated today. Check out how we can help you build your client base and your bottom line:

  • Reach clients where they are at (online)
  • Get targeted results for higher conversion rates
  • Build your brand and your reputation
  • Increase your brand loyalty
  • Track results for more effective strategies

Digital marketing offers real-time, precise tracking that allows you to adapt your strategies daily for greater ROI. Instead of sitting on hundreds of expensive, printed brochures that don’t provide the results you hoped for, you are working online to increase customer retention and engagement right now. We’ll show you how to create the campaigns that will get you the results you want, without spending a fortune on ineffective tactics.

Start Building Client
Engagement Now

“5 Content Engagement Post Templates”

Good content is the first part of capturing attention and building a thriving online fan base. Engagement is the second. Get our free guides that give you five proven content engagement post types that have your online audience wanting to sign up for your email list and starting the buying process.

Are you ready to take your business marketing to the next level? Contact Results Advisory today to set your path for higher customer engagement and retention. Your bottom line will thank you.

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