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Digital Marketing Solutions to Grow Your Organization

Digital marketing is the new frontier.

Companies that don’t understand and market their businesses effectively online will feel it in their bottom line.

3.5 billion people log onto the Internet every day according to Business Week and that number will triple in the next five years. There has never been a better time to get access to new customers and strengthen your relationship with existing customers

There are many ways strategic digital marketing helps an organization:

Get targeted results.

What makes digital marketing so effective is how targeted it is. With focused social media, web content, SEO and online ad resources, you can target specific demographics, geographic regions and buying habits.

It’s the future.

Let’s face it, we live in a digital world. Everything we consume is either on our phones or computers. Because of this, marketing to your target audience digitally is a great and effective way to reach them.

Convert leads.

Good digital marketing is about more than just generating leads. It can also help you convert those leads into actual consumers. With the proper digital marketing strategy, your clientele has the potential to grow tremendously.

Build your reputation.

Digital marketing will undoubtedly help grow your brand recognition in the desired marketplace. In addition, blogs and targeted web content will enable you to build up your credibility and help you be seen as an expert in your field.

Increase your brand loyalty.

With social media, email campaigns and review platforms, digital marketing makes it easier to stay connected with your existing customers. By keeping them engaged, you will build more loyalty. This leads to repeat business and referrals.

Track your results.

Digital marketing is very easy to track. You can see where all your leads are coming from, measure conversion rates, and know exactly what’s working.

Changes can be made easily.

Because it is easy to track, digital marketing also gives you a ton of flexibility. You’re not stuck with a stockpile of printed materials that may no longer be effective. You can change, edit and adjust your strategy on a daily basis, making your content consistently relevant.

The Stats on Digital Marketing

62% of people worldwide use social media daily according to Gallup.
For every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them. (Econsultancy, 2016)
Only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. (Econsultancy, 2016)
51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when
conducting a search on their smartphone. (Google, 2015)
Google gets over 100 billion searches a month. (Mashable, 2015)
81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases. (Retailing Today, 2014)
Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X more traffic than companies that published 0-4 monthly posts. (HubSpot, 2015
Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X more traffic than companies that published 0-4 monthly posts. (HubSpot, 2015
21% of Americans age 12 or older say they have listened to a podcast in the past month. (Pew Research Center, 2016)
Weekly podcast listeners consume five shows per week on average. (Edison Research, 2016)
72% of adult internet users use Facebook. (Pew Research Center, 2015)
Instagram has 500 million monthly active users. (Statista, 2016)
Our award-winning consultants are available to train your marketing team or work closely with your executive team on what digital marketing strategy you could use.

This training encompasses core fundamentals of digital marketing that you need in your marketing strategy to reduce your customer acquisition costs, improve customer retention, and build your audience online.

Social Media

78% of consumers say a company’s social media presence (or lack thereof) impacts their buying decisions. If you’re not building your company’s presence on social media, your customers are choosing to do business with your competitors.

While most companies don’t understand how to grow a loyal audience online, we’ll not only show you how but we will also show you how to quickly create massive engagement and customers that are ready to buy.

We’ll show you how to combine the use of Facebook, Instagram, Blogging, Podcasting and more to stay at the forefront of your industry and create loyal customers.

Online Customer Experience

Sales has been and always will be the core of business growth, and your sales process could be leaving millions of dollars on the table each year because of your online customer experience.

Customers’ preferences have changed, and we will show you how to adapt to the new way of selling online, over the phone, and in person. We will teach you how to create a remarkable customer experience online.

Combined with a digital marketing strategy that’s proven to add to your bottom line, your online customer experience is the last piece of the puzzle needed to exponentially grow your company’s bottom line.

Email Marketing

More than 34% of the people worldwide use email. That’s about 2.5 billion people. It’s predicted to increase to 2.8 billion email users according to The Radicati Group. The world sends about 196 billion emails daily. Out of this 196 billion emails the majority, 109 billion, is business email.

Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with customers and potential customers. Email is a big part of the sales and growth process. Email marketing is a personal way of reaching a target group of people.

We help your organization understand email marketing strategy and tactics. We can train your organization on email automation, effective email campaigns, and building large and segmented email lists.

We Work With The Best

If you need a little more or a little less, we completely understand. The bottom line is we only want to work with companies who are ready for growth and are determined to stay at the forefront of their industry.

When our clients hire us, they know they are getting the latest digital marketing strategies.

We work with large organizations in all stages of digital marketing advancement, but only if we think we are the best possible fit for your organization based on the nature of the work you do, your intended outcomes, and our aligned values.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand loyalty, create repeat customers, grow your social media following, or reduce customer acquisition costs, we can help you.

We’ve spent years testing and proving innovative ways to grow companies through digital marketing, which puts us in a unique position to help you do the same. We are available to train your marketing team virtually using teleconference technology or travel to you to consult in-house.

Our consultants are also available to speak at your convention, conference, or event. We ask that you fill out a short form below so that we can assess if your company’s needs are where our skills and experience will be put to best use.

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Engagement Now

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Good content is the first part of capturing attention and building a thriving online fan base. Engagement is the second. Get our free guides that give you five proven content engagement post types that have your online audience wanting to sign up for your email list and starting the buying process.

Are you ready to take your business marketing to the next level? Contact Results Advisory today to set your path for higher customer engagement and retention. Your bottom line will thank you.

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